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Woof Fiber
Woof Fiber

Woof Fiber

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Product Info & How-To Tips: 

  • Woof Fiber from Dog-ON-It-Parks is made of specially ground wood fibers; it helps to reduce mud puddles, craters, dust and dirt in your dog park.
  • Because the long fibers tend to mat down and interlock together, the surface actually improves with age and use, to resist movement and absorb impact.
  • ADA Accessible. 
  • All natural, not treated with chemicals or anything that could be harmful to a pet. 
  • No geo-textile or landscape fabric needed. Just install directly into your dog park! 

Material Specifications: 

  • Woof Fiber is made from specially ground virgin wood fibers that have been screened to yield random-sized particles that generally do not exceed ½″ x 2″ in size. This longer shape, along with the smaller-size particles, aids in the interlocking process to reduce movement and eliminate splinters.
  • For quality control purposes, the material must be made from virgin lumber sources to avoid contaminants, and must be suitable for use by both children and dogs. Surfacing material must be ADA accessible, and must be tested to comply with ASTM F-1951 Accessibility requirements, with recent test data available.
  • Delivery will be made on self-unloading, live-floor trucks, to a paved point closest to the dog park that is accessible by a 53-foot semi-truck.
  • To estimate the proper amount of material needed, multiply your area in square feet by a factor of .017 to get the number of cubic yards required. This number includes the extra material required to allow for initial fluff, and should yield a true depth of 4″ after settling and compaction. Note: For installation over asphalt, a 6 inch depth is recommended.  
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